15 Benefits of Adding Pink Himalayan Sea Salt to Your Coffee

15 Benefits of Adding Pink Himalayan Sea Salt to Your Coffee

What if a coffee revolution was "brewing" and you didn't even know it?

It all starts with Himalayan sea salt. By 2025, this special salt will be part of a $13 million industry in America alone. And coffee lovers are a big part of why that is!

You see, this sea salt offers some major benefits for your body and your mind. All you have to do is add salt to your coffee to start reaping the benefits.

What exactly are the benefits of adding Himalayan sea salt to your coffee? Keep reading to discover the answer!

What Is Himalayan Sea Salt?

Himalayan sea salt is a pink salt that originates in the Himalayan mountains. It serves as a healthier alternative to other types of salt, including common table salt.

Over the years, people have discovered very creative ways of using different types of salt, especially Himalayan salt. For example, this salt makes for a great exfoliant when your skin is dry. And the warm glow of a Himalayan salt lamp can help ease your stress and give you a better night's sleep.

While those methods are great, most who regularly use Himalayan salt consume it. As we noted before, it makes for a healthier alternative to more traditional salt in your meals. Pretty much anything you would normally put salt on (such as tasty desserts), you can use Himalayan salt instead and start reaping the benefits.

Chances are that you don't often put salt in your coffee. Before we begin reviewing the health benefits of Himalayan salt, we need to address why you might want to add it to your coffee instead of consuming it in different ways.

Why Add Salt To Your Coffee?

Coffee is very acidic. Drinking coffee on a regular basis means you run the risk of experiencing issues with digestion, sleep, immunity, inflammation, fat retention, and more.

Of course, no genuine coffee lover is going to give up their favorite beverage. But you can get all the joy out of a good cup of coffee while reducing negative side effects by adding Himalayan salt to your favorite coffee recipes.

Below, we've got a full breakdown of the different benefits of adding sea salt to your coffee. To start, though, you should know that this sea salt helps to neutralize the acidity of your coffee. This can help prevent many of the issues we touched on above while also improving your overall bone density.

Long story short? There are many dangers of drinking acidic beverages on a regular basis. But once you know how much sea salt to add, you can enjoy your coffee without worrying about the troubling side effects.

How Much Pink Himalayan Salt Should You Add?

To begin, you should add one-quarter teaspoon of sea salt for every six tablespoons of ground coffee. Beyond that, you may wish to experiment with more or less salt to experiment with both the flavor and the health benefits.

At first, the idea of putting salt into your coffee may seem a bit strange. In practice, though, it's no different than adding sugar. Just as some people want very little sugar and some people want very much, you may want more or less Himalayan sea salt as you begin putting it into your coffee.

Starting small is also good advice when you go to buy this sea salt in the first place. The last thing you want is to buy a giant bag and then have it go mostly unused! However, we feel confident you'll enjoy the benefits of adding sea salt to your coffee almost right away.

Are There Any Side Effects to Adding Sea Salt to Coffee?

There are potential side effects to adding sea salt to coffee if you add too much. And these are the same side effects you might experience from consuming too much salt of any kind.

For example, adding too much salt to your coffee may mean you'll need to urinate more often. It can lead to dehydration if you don't drink anything else, and constant excess urination can lead to potential kidney problems.

A bigger potential problem comes from the iodine that is present in Himalayan salt (though there is less iodine in this salt than in table salt). Consuming too much iodine causes some of the same problems as consuming too little, including the risk of thyroid gland inflammation and goiter.

However, you shouldn't let these side effects concern you. Such side effects are most common among people who consume too much salt on a regular basis. And if you want to avoid the dangers of too much iodine, you are far better off switching to Himalayan salt because it has much less iodine content.

As always, we recommend consulting with your doctor if you are worried about any changes in your health. And your doctor may have some extra insights into the health benefits of adding this salt to your coffee. Without further ado, let's review the biggest benefits you can get by drinking coffee with Himalayan salt added to it. 

1. Make Your Coffee Taste Better

When most people hear about adding sea salt to their coffee, they have the same question. Won't this make the coffee taste worse, or even taste very weird? In reality, one of the biggest benefits of this salt is that it can make your coffee taste better!

Why is that? It all comes down to basic chemistry. When the sodium ions in the salt make contact with your coffee, it affects how the coffee will taste in your mouth.

With the added salt, the coffee will taste less bitter because the salt affects the bitterness receptors on your tongue. The overall effect is similar to adding dairy to coffee to cut down on the bitter flavor. In fact, some people stop adding milk to their coffee once they start adding salt!

2. Easing Respiratory Problems

There are many types of salt out there, but Himalayan salt is the purest. Its minerals can easily be absorbed into your body. And because of that, it has been used to help with respiratory problems for many millennia.

This practice goes back to Ancient Greece. There, some of the greatest thinkers and philosophers discovered that this sea salt could clear their airways and help to improve their overall breathing.

Some who suffer from conditions ranging from common allergies to asthma have been able to improve their conditions with pink Himalayan salt. By adding this salt to your coffee, you can improve your own breathing. If you want to keep the effect going all day, you can also invest in a Himalayan salt lamp to help clean the air in a room before you breathe it in.

3. Better Fluid Balance In Your Body

We see many commercials on television talking about the importance of getting enough electrolytes. But be honest: do you know why electrolytes are so important in the first place?

Electrolytes make it easier for your body to absorb fluid. That's why athletes rely on drinks like Gatorade as they train and play. They are losing a lot of liquid via sweat, and the electrolytes in their drinks help them hold onto as much fluid as possible.

Now, chances are that you aren't planning for football practice with your morning coffee. But adding Himalayan salt makes your coffee more electrolyte dense. In short, you'll have a better fluid balance and be less likely to get dehydrated throughout the day.

4. Reduce Stress

Do you often experience stress?

Most of us are very stressed out at any given point. This causes our serotonin levels to go down. When your serotonin is low, it's easy to feel very lethargic. And you may find yourself slipping into a deep depression!

The caffeine in coffee can provide stimulation to boost your energy. But you can take things to the next level by adding Himalayan salt that helps to boost your serotonin levels. Now, you can start each morning off with a ton of energy and an awesome mood, and that's one heck of a combination!

5. The Key to Clearer Skin

Do you struggle with keeping your skin clear? Many of us have entire cabinets filled with expensive lotions, creams, and even medications to manage our complexion. But what if all we really needed was a cup of coffee?

It all goes back to the minerals inside the sea salt. For example, the zinc helps to fight acne as well as repair damaged tissue. The sulfur, meanwhile, helps with skin hydration, leaving you a face that is smoother and cleaner than before.

In case any skin infections pop up, the iodine and chromium inside Himalayan salt help to fight them off. All in all, there is a lot to be said about a morning coffee routine that is also part of your morning skin regimen. 

6. Getting a Better Night's Sleep

Look, hear us out. We know that you normally rely on coffee to wake up in the morning. But would you believe that a bit of sea salt with your coffee can help you get a better night's sleep?

One of the reasons so many people toss and turn all night is that they aren't getting enough sodium in their diet. If this sounds like your own diet, then that may explain the difficulty in getting to sleep and staying asleep. By getting a bit of extra salt in the morning with your coffee, you can prevent those disruptions from happening in the evening.

Another way that Himalayan salt helps you sleep at night is by helping you deal with unwanted stress. When you're stressed out, the cortisol in your body can block the melatonin flow that you need to get to sleep. Himalayan salt fights stress and reduces cortisol emissions, and this can help you make the most out of each night of sleep.

7. Improve Your Digestion

Do you suffer from digestive problems? As we detailed before, the acid content of standard coffee can sometimes make those problems worse. But adding Himalayan salt to your coffee may make things much better!

One reason for this is that pink Himalayan salt boosts your metabolism (more on this in a minute). This alone can help with digestion. And the deepan and pachan properties inside this salt can keep gas from accumulating and generally improve your digestion.

Finally, this sea salt can help your body move food through your digestive system by improving your peristalsis. With all these different benefits, you may be able to improve your digestive system like never before!

8. Lose Weight With Himalayan Salt

What's a dream that almost everyone shares? Here it is: losing weight without changing your daily routine very much. And Himalayan salt may be your best way of doing so.

Normal salt makes it so that your body retains excess moisture. This is why you may feel bloated after eating a very salty meal. And when you're trying to shed some pounds, the last thing you want is to feel bloated all the time.

This is where Himalayan sea salt comes in. Unlike most salts, this special salt helps your body to expel unwanted water. Not only does this help you beat the bloat, but it can also come in handy when you are trying to lose weight.

9. Ease Your Acid Reflux

While coffee is very acidic, it affects different people in different ways. For example, some can chug coffee all day with no real ill effects. Others may have their acid reflux triggered with just a single cup of coffee in the morning.

If that sounds like you, then you may be interested to know that pink Himalayan salt can help fight your acid reflux. Even a very little bit of salt in your coffee can make it less acidic and therefore less likely to trigger your reflux.

The salt in question helps prevent what you eat and drink from going into your esophagus. As an added bonus, this does more than help with your acid reflux. It can also prevent heartburn as well as the much more serious Gastroesophageal reflux disease.

10. Take Care of Muscle Cramps

Do you suffer from muscle cramps? Such cramps are often enough to ruin your entire day. And while there are many ways to treat cramps, things like soaking in a warm bath can only do so much.

Once again, Himalayan salt may be the answer to your problems. For the vast majority of people, muscle cramps are caused by a magnesium deficiency in their bodies. And addressing the issue may be as simple as consuming more magnesium on a regular basis. 

As you might have guessed, Himalayan salt is rich with magnesium. Therefore, drinking some of it with your coffee can help you manage unwanted cramps. By drinking coffee with sea salt in the morning, you may be able to get the annoying cramps out of the way by the time you have to leave the house. 

11. Sea Salt Improves Heart Health

Our diet plays a major role when it comes to heart health. In fact, it seems like there is a new article almost every week about how our simple habits are endangering our hearts. No matter your current diet, you can turn things around by adding Himalayan salt to your coffee.

This is mostly because salt can improve blood circulation throughout your body. Circulation helps to carry oxygen to the different parts of your body. When that flow is disrupted, though, you are at far greater risk of a heart attack and other serious heart issues.

On top of that, Himalayan salt plays another role in managing your heart health. And that is by helping to lower your blood pressure.

12. Lower Blood Pressure

It may be strange to think about your morning coffee helping to lower your blood pressure. However, with the help of Himalayan salt, your coffee can do just that.

The reason for this goes back to those electrolytes. Having a better electrolyte balance in your body does more than help you retain water. It also helps your intestines absorb more of the nutrients they need.

When this happens, your blood pressure naturally lowers. This may be particularly good news if you were on the lookout for a more natural way of controlling your blood pressure on top of taking any special medications or making any specific lifestyle changes.

13. Boost Your Libido

Have you ever thought how funny it is that we describe our sexual urges as our "sex drive?" Well, if you're having problems with your libido, it may not feel like your sex life is in "drive." In fact, it may feel like you're in "park" or maybe even in "reverse!"

Interestingly enough, putting some pink Himalayan salt in your coffee may be the key to getting your mojo back. That is because this salt is chock full of minerals that are known to charge your libido up, including selenium, magnesium, and zinc.

At the end of the day, the "sex drive" metaphor makes a bit more sense if you think of your body as a car. When you're libido is low, it's a bit like your "car" is low on many of the fluids it needs to run smoothly. Once you get the minerals your body has been missing, you might be surprised by how quickly the engine revs up!

14. Detox Your Body

Detoxing your body has become a major trend. In fact, many people invest small fortunes into juices to help cleanse their bodies of unwanted toxins. However, you don't need expensive juices; you just need a cup of coffee and some Himalayan salt.

It's so effective because the sea salt contains special ionic structures as part of its chemical makeup. These structures draw unwanted toxins from your body and help flush them out, leaving you feeling clean and healthy.

You can enhance this effect by adding some pink Himalayan salt to a nice, warm bath (a good option for those worried about caffeine jitters). But even just sticking with adding it to your coffee is a great way to kickstart your own detox journey.

15. Regulate and Maintain Your Blood Sugar

Blood sugar can be a pretty scary thing. If you let your own blood sugar get out of control, it can lead to Type 2 diabetes. And even if things don't get quite that bad, poor blood sugar can lead to a host of other health difficulties as well.

So, how can Himalayan salt help you regulate and maintain your blood sugar? First of all, the magnesium inside this sea salt helps break down starch, and the manganese content helps to keep your blood sugar in the healthy range.

The chromium in this salt also helps to regulate your insulin production. And the sea salt contains vanadium (the same mineral given to diabetic patients), which can help control existing blood sugar problems and prevent something worse from happening. Keep in mind that regular coffee drinking on its own can sometimes help prevent diabetes.

If you're worried about developing diabetes, adding Himalayan salt to your coffee may be able to prevent that from happening. And even if you already have diabetes, this salt can supplement your existing medical treatments and help reduce the severity of the symptoms.

Add Himalayan Sea Salt To Your Coffee Today!

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