Our Story

Most golf fans are familiar with Phil Mickelson, a legendary golfer who has won 45 PGA Tour events, including six major championships. But while Phil was dominant on the course, he discovered that a combination of emotional stress and poor health choices were taking a toll on his body, culminating in a psoriatic arthritis diagnosis in 2010. Phil knew it was time to take accountability for his health, but he didn’t quite know where to start. 

After talking to his longtime friend and golf coach Dave Phillips, Phil found the answer he was looking for: coffee. Suddenly, with coffee fueling his mind and body, Phil saw significant improvements to his physical and mental health. “I used to get sick every 2-3 months,” Phil told viewers in a recent Q&A. “In all honesty, I have not been sick in 12 years.”

“I really believe coffee has changed my life.” - Phil Mickelson

Why? Dave — who had grown up around coffee his entire life — helped Phil understand the many health benefits that coffee could provide, from acting as a powerful antioxidant that could fortify his body against degenerative diseases to boosting his liver function to improve his ability to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and remove toxins from his body. 

With this knowledge, Phil knew what he had to do. He collaborated with Dave to found For Wellness, which aims to create high quality health products that are both functional and flavorful. Coffee would become the foundation of everything they did and remains a critical factor in our plans for the future. 

Of course, For Wellness was about more than just coffee. It was about giving people the tools they needed to take care of their health that would be easy to use and accessible for its customers. To that end, Phil and Dave created The Good Stuff, a powerhouse powdered supplement perfect for enhancing coffee, smoothies, shakes, and more. The Good Stuff enhanced our coffee foundation with ingredients that help reduce inflammation, reduce stress and help your body stay hydrated among other important benefits.

For Wellness is proud of our premium products at affordable prices, and we are excited to expand our storefront soon with revolutionary organic snacks that can easily fit into a busy day for anyone on the move. We hope that you will follow in Phil and Dave’s footsteps and allow coffee to become the foundation of your health journey as well.