We Tried Ashton Kutcher’s Orange Juice + Coffee Hack

We Tried Ashton Kutcher’s Orange Juice + Coffee Hack

(And it was about as good as it sounds…)

Actor Ashton Kutcher has made headlines this week after revealing on The Kelly Clarkson Show that his ‘hack’ for mixing up his coffee routine is to add a splash of orange juice to his morning brew.

As coffee lovers, we couldn’t help but be taken aback; though we can’t say we weren’t a little intrigued.

Kutcher says his regular go-to coffee order is black coffee, plain and simple.

However, occasionally he’s in the mood for a light roast coffee, which, if you know coffee, you’ll know has a lighter, citrusy and slightly more acidic flavor.

To achieve that flavor without needing a whole new bag of coffee, Kutcher recommends adding a splash of orange juice to your medium roast coffee.

But does this outlandish addition really make for a light roast substitute?

We had to put it to the test

Step 1: Take a trip to the grocery store

Given that most days here at For Wellness start with High Antioxidant Coffee, there wasn’t any OJ easily at hand. After collecting a bottle of orange juice, it was back to the office. Zero-pulp orange juice made the most sense - it’s doubtful whether anyone could argue in favor of that kind of texture in coffee!

Step 2: Brew a medium roast coffee

This didn’t take long, but it was hard not to feel a little trepidation, given that one’s first morning coffee is always such an enjoyable experience. Today’s coffee (as usual) was a black Americano, medium roast.

Step 3: Add a splash of orange juice

Everything about this third step felt wrong! But it was important to forge on. You never know unless you try…

One splash of orange juice was added to this morning’s High Antioxidant Coffee in lieu of The Good Stuff (which was left out as even Ashton would likely agree orange juice + coffee + cinnamon would be an assault on the palate).

The result?

The coffee… wasn’t terrible. For those who like light roast coffee, maybe it was passable.

But realistically, this did just taste like coffee with a splash of orange juice in it.

Our rating? 4/10.

We think we’ll just stick with The Good Stuff, and use lightly roasted coffee when that’s what we’re in the mood for.

That said, if you’re feeling daring, give it a go yourself! You never know what you might like.

Love it or hate it, be sure to let us know your thoughts via our Instagram or Facebook pages.

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