The Good Stuff™ vs. The Good Stuff™ FOCUS: Which is right for me?

The Good Stuff™ vs. The Good Stuff™ FOCUS: Which is right for me?

If you’ve been hearing the buzz about our newest product, The Good Stuff™ FOCUS, you might be wondering why we decided to make an additional version of The Good Stuff™, (especially when the original formula is so good!).

You might also be wondering how the two compare against each other, so you can decide which is right for you.

To save you flipping between the two product pages, we’ve put together this handy explainer, comparing the benefits, ingredients, and taste profiles of each.

Not rivals, siblings

One of the first reactions we heard when we unveiled The Good Stuff™ FOCUS, was concern that The Good Stuff™ is an outdated version of FOCUS. We’re here to put that rumor to rest.

The two supplements have similar foundations, but some differences. For that reason, you should consider them not rivals, but siblings.

The Good Stuff™ FOCUS is founded on the original idea of The Good Stuff™, but serves an additional purpose.

Perhaps you have little trouble with inflammation, and instead struggle with concentration. In that case, you’d prefer the The Good Stuff™ FOCUS. And if you struggle with the inverse issue, then The Good Stuff™ is for you (though we’ll get more into that further down!).


Each ingredient in both The Good Stuff™ and The Good Stuff™ FOCUS makes up a unique formula you can only find here at Our co-founder, world class performance coach, Dave Phillips, created each product personally, with a goal in mind of making it simple for anyone to improve their health.

Drawing on his wealth of experience, contacts and personal research, he first came up with The Good Stuff™, and now, The Good Stuff™ FOCUS. There is one key ingredient that sets the two apart, but first - let’s look at The Good Stuff™.

The Good Stuff™

Contains 5 key functional ingredients that make it the health powerhouse that thousands of Americans enjoy each day.

An amino acid that helps ease the coffee jitters and ease stress.

One of the key building blocks of the protein that makes up our bones, skin, hair and muscles. Collagen you ingest is much more effectively absorbed by the body than if it’s applied to the skin using creams or gels.

Helps combat cravings and makes you feel fuller for longer.

Ceylon Cinnamon>A natural anti-inflammatory and full of antioxidants. Helps support your immune health and gives The Good Stuff™ its taste!

Himalayan Pink Salt
Supports fluid balance, hydration and helps balance out the taste of your coffee.

These are all fantastic ingredients for helping you feel your best every morning. However, we wanted to create a product that focused on… well… focus!

With so many people struggling with memory, concentration and feeling overall a bit flat, the idea behind The Good Stuff™ FOCUS was to make something that cleared the mind and sharpened your cognition.

However, we still loved the existing benefits of The Good Stuff™, so we kept all the original 5 ingredients listed above, and added one special ingredient to the formula.

The Good Stuff™ FOCUS

Cocoa Extract

While trying to find the perfect natural ingredient for enhancing your mind, our co-founder Dave came across a patented cocoa extract, which features a long list of benefits for your mind. He knew that’s what would make The Good Stuff™ FOCUS what it is today, so he added it to the formula, and here we are!

You know how chocolate has been shown to improve your mood? Cocoa extract uses those same elements to give you a lift, without the sugar, dairy and fat that ultimately undermines the positive health benefits of chocolate.

The cocoa extract we use contains:

  • Theobromine (for focus and slow release energy)
  • Amino acids (can support mood and tissue repair)
  • Nutritious minerals
  • Biogenic amines (regulate brain function including movement, emotions and blood pressure)
  • Fatty acid neurotransmitters
  • Polyphenols (may support brain health and digestion)

Key Benefits

While both The Good Stuff™ and The Good Stuff™ FOCUS have a stack of benefits for your body and mind, some of the benefits are more prevalent in The Good Stuff™ and some are more prevalent in The Good Stuff™ FOCUS.

Let’s get into it!

Inflammation vs Mood

One of the primary functions of The Good Stuff™ is the way it fights inflammation.

Ceylon cinnamon is an incredible, natural anti-inflammatory ingredient (as is coffee for that matter!). There’s plenty of Ceylon cinnamon in the original Good Stuff™, so its impacts could be considered more physical, compared with The Good Stuff™ FOCUS.

On the other hand, the main ingredient of The Good Stuff™ FOCUS is cocoa extract, so its key benefits are focus, mood and learning. There is still an element that combats inflammation, as there is cinnamon in every scoop, but in addition to that, the priorities of this coffee supplement are skewed toward your mind.


Energy is a major benefit of both The Good Stuff™ and The Good Stuff™ FOCUS. The MCT Oil present in each helps you power through the day, and can keep you feeling fuller for longer!

The theobromine present in The Good Stuff™ FOCUS also has the effect of slow-release energy, which may help you stave off an afternoon coffee.

Combats the Caffeine Jitters

The l-theanine we use in both The Good Stuff™ and The Good Stuff™ FOCUS is an absolute power-move against the coffee jitters. Enjoy the energy boost of your coffee, without the pesky side affects!


The Good Stuff™ and The Good Stuff™ FOCUS are both packed with antioxidants. If you drink your scoop with coffee, you’re giving your body a major boost each day.


We understand that it’s much easier to replace the creamers, sugars and syrups, than it is to move on to black coffee cold turkey. That’s why we’ve formulated The Good Stuff™ and The Good Stuff™ FOCUS to be both delicious and healthy.

The Good Stuff™ will add a slight cinnamon flavor to your coffee, with a hint of salt (it actually balances out the acidity of your coffee, trust us on this!).

Meanwhile, the cocoa extract used in The Good Stuff™ FOCUS gives it a stronger, natural mocha flavor that those with a sweet tooth will adore.

Whichever flavor you choose you’re sure to find delicious, and the best part is - it’s good for you!

Unique formula

Regardless of your choice between The Good Stuff™ and The Good Stuff™ FOCUS, they’re incomparable against any other product on the market! Our formulae are fully unique and exclusively sold at For Wellness. You won’t find either of these pouches anywhere else!

Designed by experienced professionals, we’re extremely proud of the work that goes into our products, and the outcomes we achieve.

Think you’ve made up your mind?

Shop The Good Stuff™ and The Good Stuff™ FOCUS on our website!

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