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The Good Stuff™ Performance

The Good Stuff™ Performance

Performance Coffee Supplement

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The Good Stuff™ is a performance coffee supplement that will boost the natural benefits of your coffee and reduce the caffeine jitters.

  • Boost your coffee with premium, healthy ingredients.
  • Ditch the bad stuff like sugar, dairy, and artificial creamers.
  • May reduce inflammation and can support skin and joint health.
  • Makes your coffee (or tea, smoothie) taste delicious.


Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen • L-Theanine • Himalayan Pink Salt • Medium Chain Triglycerides Creamer (MCT8 and sodium caseinate) • Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder (Cinnamomum verum) • Cassia Cinnamon Powder (Cinnamomum cassia)• Silicon Dioxide (to prevent clumping)• Mixed Tocopherols (for freshness)


Contains sodium caseinate (a milk derivative)

Serving Size

One level scoop in an 8oz black coffee.

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  • C8-MCT

    A healthy fat found in coconut oil that converts into ketones which are known to enhance ketosis, boost energy, and burn fat.

  • L-Theanine

    A naturally occurring amino acid found in tea that promotes relaxation. It pairs well with caffeine and reduces the jitters.

  • Organic Cinnamon

    Combats inflammation and high in antioxidants to help your body handle free radicals which can lower your risk of disease.

  • Collagen

    Accounts for 30% of your body's protein. Provides structure, support, or strength to your skin, bones, muscles, and connective tissues.

  • Himalayan Salt

    Pairs perfectly with coffee to reduce the acidity and smooth out flavor. Full of minerals to improve skin and reduce muscle cramping.

Simple. Convenient. Effective.

The Good Stuff™ is a performance coffee supplement that will supercharge the natural benefits of your morning brew, promote focus, and reduce the caffeine jitters.

  • One scoop will infuse your coffee with healthy ingredients
  • Ditch the bad stuff like sugar, dairy, and artificial creamers
  • Fights inflammation and supports skin and joint health
  • Makes your coffee taste great

    MCT is a healthy fat found in coconut oil. C8 is the most ketogenic MCT, meaning you get an energy boost that helps you feel full, boosts focus, and gives mental clarity.*


    Ceylon cinnamon contains anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial effects, all of which greatly support your immune health.*


    L-Theanine is an amino acid derived from green tea. It smooths out the caffeine jitters and reduces stress by boosting calming brain chemicals.*


    Collagen is one of the main building blocks for your bones, skin, hair and muscles. It can improve joint mobility and reduce inflammation while protecting your gut, skin and hair.*


    In addition to reducing the natural acidity in coffee, Himalayan Pink Salt can help your body stay hydrated by maintaining a proper fluid balance.*

Right, but how does it taste?

We're used to healthy things tasting like dirt...

We created The Good Stuff to make your coffee taste delicious meaning you can ditch the bad stuff for powerful superfoods that actually fuel your body and mind.

You can read reviews from our customers a bit further down this page.

  • Gluten Free

  • Preservative Free

  • No GMOs

  • Non-Dairy

Co-founder, Dave Phillips explains how it works

  • "The Good Stuff™ is a great way to ensure my day starts with my health in mind. My first cup of coffee with The Good Stuff™ not only gives me a boost of energy before my workout but keeps me focused for a full day of work."

    Dr Siobhan Hanlon

    Naturopathic Doctor & For Wellness Advisor

  • "I am a huge coffee fan. I’ve made The Good Stuff™ part of my daily routine because it makes my coffee taste great but controls the caffeine jitters so I can enjoy all the health benefits without losing focus on the golf course."

    Max Rottluff

    Professional Golfer, Challenge Tour

  • "We're creating products that are simple and effective that are having a real impact on people's lives. I couldn't be more excited about the feedback we've been getting from our customers and we're only just getting started!"

    Greg Banbury

    CEO, For Wellness

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Your questions answered

What are the benefits of The Good Stuff?

The Good Stuff will make your coffee taste great, increase energy, improve focus, reduce inflammation, boost hydration, and support your skin, joint, and muscle health.

How does The Good Stuff taste?

The Good Stuff will make your coffee taste great! The main flavor will still be coffee but with a hint of cinnamon with a dash of Himalayan salt to soften the acidity of black coffee.

This means you won't need to add milk, dairy alternative, sugar, or artificial sweeteners, aka the Bad Stuff!

How do I make a coffee with The Good Stuff?

Brew your favorite coffee and then mix in a scoop or packet of The Good Stuff. It will need a little effort to mix in, but nothing worth having is ever easy!

What if I don't like coffee?

No problem! The Good Stuff is just as delicious in tea, smoothies or on your oats. Get creative or use one of our recipes here.

Where is The Good Stuff made?

The Good Stuff is made using sustainable producers of raw ingredients and is produced in an FDA-compliant facility in the USA.

Is there sugar in The Good Stuff?

Nope. If you like a little sweetness in your coffee, we recommend adding a teaspoon of Manuka honey.

Can I drink The Good Stuff whilst pregnant?

We suggest consulting with your doctor or physician before making any changes to your diet while pregnant.

Can I have too much of The Good Stuff?

We would recommend no more than two scoops of The Good Stuff over a four-hour period unless you are dealing with anxiety, as the L-theanine does promote relaxation.

If you have any health concerns, we always recommend speaking to your health practitioner.

I'm highly suspicious of subscriptions... why should I subscribe?

The Good Stuff is designed to form part of your daily routine so a convenient monthly subscription is the best way to stick to your new healthy habit.

Your subscription is easy to manage (skip/cancel) online; no need to contact us (but you can... we're very friendly!)

What is a "milk derivative"?

The MCT powder in The Good Stuff contains sodium caseinate, a milk protein commonly found in coffee creamers in place of traditional dairy ingredients like milk or cream.

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