Tart Cherry: The Ultimate Post Workout Recovery Supplement

Tart Cherry: The Ultimate Post Workout Recovery Supplement

Do you struggle with muscle soreness and fatigue after a tough workout?

If so, you're not alone. However, we think we have a solution to making post-exercise soreness just a little lighter on the body.

Tart cherries are a type of sour cherry that are packed with powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds and can help reduce muscle damage, inflammation, and soreness. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just getting started with your fitness journey, incorporating tart cherries into your recovery plan could be a game-changer.

Want to learn more?

Read on for the science behind tart cherries and their potential benefits for workout recovery.

What Is Tart Cherry?

Tart cherry, also known as sour cherry, is a fruit that's prized for its impressive health benefits.

Each cherry is packed with nutrients, including vitamins A and C, fiber, and potassium. However, what really sets tart cherries apart is their high levels of polyphenols - AKA powerful antioxidants that help protect the body against inflammation and oxidative stress.

The anti-inflammatory properties of tart cherries make them particularly beneficial for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, as combating inflammation can help reduce muscle damage and soreness after exercise.

Tart cherries may also help improve sleep quality, support heart health, and lower the risk of chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes. With their deliciously tangy and acidic taste, tart cherries are a versatile ingredient that can be enjoyed in a variety of recipes while also providing health benefits.

What Are the Health Benefits of Tart Cherry?

Tart cherries are high in fiber, which can work wonders for your digestive system and trigger a chain reaction of positive effects within your body.

By digesting food more thoroughly, for example, your body can fully absorb the nutrients from everything you eat.

Tart cherries are also a great source of potassium. From cellular function to blood pressure and muscle contraction, potassium goes a long way toward helping the body function at peak efficiency.

What's the Best Way to Eat Tart Cherry? 

There are plenty of ways to get that tart cherry goodness into your body.

You can mix tart cherry powder into water, drink tart cherry juice, or even eat tart cherries whole (although we must warn you about this option - tart cherries are called tart cherries for a reason!).

However, here at For Wellness, we realize that all of these ways of consuming tart cherry are pretty inconvenient. You don't really want to be lugging liters of tart cherry juice around or struggling to mix gritty powder into your water. 

That's why we've put the benefits of tart cherries into our new Recovery Gummies™. Each gummy is full of a unique tart cherry extract that contains concentrated antioxidants. They're easy to eat, and they taste delicious.

Even better, our gummies have a higher melting point, so they won't make a mess and are easy to carry around. You can leave a packet in your car glove box, in your gym bag, at work, or anywhere you think would be great to have a burst of tart cherry at your fingertips.

There's also no need to worry about the bad stuff with our Recovery Gummies™.

While other tart cherry gummies and juices are full of artificial flavors and colors, you can rest easy knowing the ingredient list for our Recovery Gummies™ is short and all-natural. 

What Dosage Should I Take?

While you can't 'overdose' on our gummies, it's worth bearing in mind they do contain glucose for energy, and glucose is a type of sugar.

We recommend three gummies at a time for the best results.

Just be sure to take your Recovery Gummies™ at the right time. If you want to take advantage of tart cherries for muscle recovery, for instance, then you should chew your gummies within about 90 minutes after your workout.

How Do I Find the Best Gummies?

If you want to get the most out of your gummies, you can't get a tart cherry supplement from just anywhere. Instead, it's worth doing the proper research so you can home in on the most reputable provider on the market. Since there are many different brands out there, you can start by looking at reviews and accumulative scores.

Even reading a few reviews per provider can go a long way toward avoiding shady marketplaces and feeling more comfortable with your purchases.

We include our reviews at the bottom of all our product pages, so you can hear from other people how awesome our gummies really are!

It's also important to take note of the ingredients list. From additives and harmful chemicals to bogus properties and more, you can learn a lot about a product by taking a closer look at that list.

We've kept our gummies' ingredient list short to keep any unhealthy fillers out. All our ingredients are easy on the body, with no fluff or nasty stuff.

More on Our Gummies

We pride ourselves on being an innovator in the functional food space, backed by our co-founders' professional sporting experience and deep understanding of the performance realm.

That's why we wanted to see how much further we could improve the lives of our athletes and our members with our newest product.

Muscle soreness can end up being one of the biggest saboteurs of progress.

Depending on the severity of the soreness, it can cost you meaningful workout sessions, not to mention being overall uncomfortable!

Instead of missing out on all those opportunities for progress, try our Recovery Gummies™, made with VitaCherry Sport (AKA tart cherry extract) to help with reducing muscle soreness.

Our gummies can also help combat muscle strength loss, which is super helpful for maintaining a productive and active day post-workout.

Lastly, our gummies are designed to help with inflammation.

Inflammation is common when working out because as we exercise, our muscles break down before they grow bigger and stronger. This can be uncomfortable and even painful. 

Consider trying tart cherry, and see if that supports your body's anti-inflammatory response!

Higher Concentration of Anthocyanins

We chose the tart cherry extract we use for a reason: it's packed with anthocyanins.

Anthocyanins are a flavonoid that gives tart cherries their unique red color.

Many reddish-purple fruits and vegetables contain anthocyanins. They exist in plants both to attract pollinators so they can propagate and as protection from harmful UV light, among other things.

Thanks to their antioxidant properties, anthocyanins can be good for people too.

One of the most significant benefits of antioxidants is their ability to eliminate free radicals. These unstable molecules and pollutants can reduce the efficiency of your body's operations.

Aside from occurring in your body naturally, free radicals can come from things like cigar smoke, car exhaust, and other external sources.

Anthocyanins and Brain Support

As we've already covered, anthocyanins can help combat inflammation.

Inflammation isn't just confined to your body; it can also affect your brain. One way anthocyanins can combat this is by increasing blood flow to your brain and enhancing its performance

Anthocyanins May Help Prevent Heart Disease

While heart disease doesn't occur overnight, it can begin without you noticing. Genetics plays a role in heart disease, but it's by no means the only factor. For instance, a diet that's high in cholesterol increases your chances of falling ill/

Combine cholesterol with high blood pressure and inflammation, and you can get to the point of developing atherosclerosis. This is a condition in which your heart's arteries build up plaque. This lack of proper blood flow in the heart can create a chain reaction of adverse health effects, such as necrosis of heart tissue or even a heart attack.

Other possible issues stemming from atherosclerosis include kidney failure, stroke, and peripheral artery disease.

The good news is that the anthocyanins in tart cherries may reduce atherosclerosis and heart disease risk factors, supporting your heart to pump efficiently and keep your body moving.

Anthocyanins Have Anti-Cancer Properties

While tart cherry is by no means a substitute for modern medicine, there have been some promising studies on anthocyanins' ability to slow the spread and growth of cancer.

In addition to potentially stopping growth, anthocyanins may also kill the cancer cells they find in your body. This can cause potentially malignant tumors to become benign.

When tumors are weakened in general, they're also much more susceptible to treatment.

What Are Other Ways to Boost My Health and Performance?

We wouldn't leave you hanging by only providing one product to boost your performance. After you add our cherry tart gummies to your virtual shopping cart, you should also consider trying our Superfood Focus Bites.

We know how important it is to enjoy life beyond the world of fitness and health. That's why we've created a chocolatey snack that can satisfy your hunger while fueling your body with clean whole foods.

Rather than the chemicals and additives you'd find in a snack from a gas station, our Bites use healthy ingredients like cacao, organic yacon syrup, and blanched almonds for maximum goodness.

Plus, not only do they support your body, but they support your mind too.

Each Bite contains nootropics that can go a long way toward making you feel energized yet focused. Perfect for a mid-afternoon snack or to combat your chocolatey cravings.

We also have a bunch of additional products we're sure you'll love, from The Good Stuff™ to our Organic Arabica Coffee.

We're so confident you'll love For Wellness we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied, just email us within 60 days of your order and we'll refund your purchase.

Still have questions? You can contact us here with any thoughts or queries you may have.

We're here to help!

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