Which High Antioxidant Coffee is Right for Me?

Which High Antioxidant Coffee is Right for Me?

We Love Coffee

Here at For Wellness, we go with coffee like peanut butter and jelly (because coffee is our jam).

Not only is coffee full of antioxidants and energy-inducing caffeine, but it also just tastes so darn good. A black coffee in the morning is an easy, low-calorie way to add a little brightness to the start of your day… add a spoonful of The Good Stuff, and you’re giving yourself the best start possible.

Whether or not you add our favorite supercharging powder, one thing we truly pride ourselves on is the quality and flavor of our coffee. Our co-founder Dave Phillips is a self-confessed coffee fanatic who’s been drinking quality beans since his childhood in Africa, and guides us on our coffee sources and manufacturers to ensure only the best beans are used in our coffee range.

Fair Trade and Organic

All our coffee is fair trade certified, meaning the farmers who grow our coffee beans are paid a fair wage, have safer working conditions and their growing methods are better for the environment.

In addition, to be approved, the Fair Trade Association ensures a portion of funds directed to coffee-growing communities is invested in local community projects such as improvements to education, clean water, healthcare and infrastructure.

Our coffee is also USDA-certified organic because our farmers only use natural processes and materials to grow and produce our coffee. By avoiding synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, our coffee farms emit less carbon than chemical farms and better preserve the health of the coffee trees, beans, soil, water and the farmers themselves.

Of course, while it’s fantastic to care for our environment and our farmers, there’s no point kicking all of these goals if the coffee we source tastes like the very dirt it came from. Thankfully, in addition to our organic and fair trade status, the best thing about our coffee is its phenomenal taste.

To help you decide which roast is for you - we’ve compiled a brief set of tasting notes on each.

Be sure to check back once you’ve made your first coffee to see if you can taste the full flavor profiles, and let us know what you think!

Medium Roast

Key tasting notes: smooth, balanced, tropical fruit

Our medium roast brings up caramelization and body with a clean finish. It’s our bestselling option and with good reason!

The medium roast has a vivacious flavor and is extremely versatile, although we think it’s best a a morning brew.

Medium roasts are typically less acidic than light roasts, but not as rich as dark roasts, making them enjoyable for coffee drinkers of all preferences.

Dark Roast

Key tasting notes: dark chocolate, caramel, smoky

Looking for a bit of bang from your brew?

Our dark roast (Phil’s Blend) is for you. Also, as the name suggests, this is our co-founder, Phil Mickelson’s favorite!

When coffee beans are roasted, after a period of time (and depending on the heat) they will emit a loud ‘crack’. This is considered the starting point at which the beans are consumable.

Medium and light roast coffee is typically removed from the heat after this first crack. However, to make a dark roast, our beans are roasted even longer until they emit a second crack.

Our dark blend, in particular, delivers intense flavor and an intense, rich color reminiscent of Old-World Italian espressos, though a more refined take. Expect a drinkable, chocolatey and bold coffee, less sour and more bitter than its lighter cousins.

Keen to get your hands on one of these flavors? All of our coffee is now available in whole beans, grounds and Keurig-compatible coffee pods.


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