How to Use The Good Stuff If You Don't Like Coffee

How to Use The Good Stuff If You Don't Like Coffee

If you've listened to Phil Mickelson and Dave Phillips talk about coffee, you already know about its natural benefits and why we use coffee as the foundation of our health and wellbeing.

But what if you don't enjoy the taste of coffee? Well, even non-coffee drinkers have said they enjoy a brew when they add The Good Stuff because it makes coffee taste better.

So, it could be worth another try!

But if not, we made sure The Good Stuff could be used in a variety of different ways while retaining the health benefits.

Here are just three ways you can use The Good Stuff in your daily routine by adding it to things other than coffee:

Our favorite smoothie

When he's not enjoying healthy coffee, our co-founder is a big fan of smoothies. His favorite smoothie recipe includes a frozen banana, almond or peanut butter, oat milk and The Good Stuff. Be sure to blend it well for a refreshing healthy smoothie.

Pair with green tea

There's a reason The Good Stuff uses a green tea extract as a core ingredient. According to recent studies, green tea has medicinal properties and can help boost brain function, including improvements to your memory. One scoop of The Good Stuff in an 8oz cup of tea can enhance those effects while maintaining the natural flavors tea fans have come to love.

Sprinkle on healthy cereals

While many cereals are packed with unhealthy sugars, there are many healthier cereals using all natural ingredients for those who enjoy a good breakfast in the morning. Our personal favorites focus on whole grain oats, nuts and other organic ingredients. We recommend adding a scoop of The Good Stuff into the milk you use for your cereal to add some additional flavor and make a good breakfast even better.

Mix with water and hydrate

Its super important to hydrate first thing in the morning. Lots of our members enjoy adding The Good Stuff to 8oz of room temperature water to kick-start their healthy routine.

These are just some of the ways you can incorporate The Good Stuff into your daily routine.

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