"Coffee has changed my life. I have made it the foundation of my health and wellness."

- Phil Mickelson

Just how has Phil Mickelson, at 53 years old, had such an extended career? He is free of injury and pain and still hits the ball past guys half his age.

When he started working with his trainer Sean Cochran 20 years ago, they decided to focus on longevity and an elongated career, rather than short-term muscle gain.

That meant working on muscle elasticity and flexibility over big muscles. He also built up his stamina by going on long hikes with his wife, Amy.

Health problems hit at 40

At age 40, Phil was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis, an inflammatory condition that is devastating for a professional athlete.

With the help of his friend, Dave Phillips, Phil was able to make changes to his diet and build a routine that set him on the path to wellness.

In short, he took accountability for his health and started to think about everything that he put into his body.

Phil has added The Good Stuff to his coffee for over ten years. The natural antioxidants in coffee help his overall wellness, and the anti-inflammatory effect of The Good Stuff has been a factor in Phil’s arthritis taking a back seat.

In recent months Phil added a Physical Therapist to his team to continue to work on his flexibility and movement, which is critical when you are Phil’s age.

Dave and Phil have built great teams around them, and great routines to improve their health. 

At For Wellness we are proud to work alongside them. Their focus on wellness and continued performance is an inspiration to all of us.

Building a foundation for health

With simple, delicious products designed with foundational health in mind we make products that form a daily routine for Phil that is as enjoyable as it is good for him.

These are the products Phil uses every single day as the foundation for his overall health and wellness.

  • The Good Stuff™

    Phil adds a single scoop to 8oz of coffee to supercharge the natural benefits. Supports inflammation, immunity, joint health, metabolism, hydration and reduces the caffeine jitters to help with focus.

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  • Organic Arabica Coffee

    Phil knew that coffee was one of the highest anti-oxidant foods you could consume. So we found the cleanest, purest, organic arabica beans for his daily brew. Farmed sustainably and roasted in the USA.

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  • Recovery Gummies™

    Tart cherry has been recommended to arthritis patients for decades. We found a formula 15x more concentrated than the nearest competitor and put it in a delicious gummy perfect for the golf course.

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  • Superfood Focus Bites

    Mid-morning snacking had always been an issue for Phil. So we created a unique superfood bite that would get whole-foods into his body in a delicious brownie bite without the bad stuff.

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