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Stop Putting Garbage In Your Coffee

Skip the empty calories and artificial additives. Transform your health and supercharge your morning instead. Subscribe today for more energy, more focus, more results.



“By ditching the cream and sugar, you’re
removing two major contributors to heart
disease, diabetes, obesity, and
more from your brew.”

Dr. Siobhan Hanlon

Supercharge your morning. Experience More Energy, Enhanced Wellness, and No More Jitters!

As Seen In

We made these products for ourselves and the athletes we work with. Compromise is not an option.

  • No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners

  • Gluten Free

  • Preservative Free


  • Non-Dairy

  • Proudly Made
    in the USA

We put the industry under the microscope

Our products don't have all the extra "junk" that you don’t need. Just good for you, wholesome ingredients that help you be your best.

The good stuff™

  • Clean and Pure: No GMOs, preservatives, or artificial flavors or colors.
  • Reduces joint pain, improve skin and supports your recovery with collagen peptides.
  • Sustained Natural Energy: Powered by MCTs to prevent mid-day slumps.
  • Boosts Cognition and Mood: Includes L-Theanine to enhance and smooth the benefits of caffeine.
  • Expertly Crafted: Developed by elite performance coaches, trusted by top athletes.
  • Naturally Sweetened: No dairy or added sugars, just the natural sweetness of cinnamon.
  • Purposeful Ingredients: Every ingredient serves a specific health benefit.


  • Packed with synthetic preservatives and artificial additives.
  • Lacks targeted support for physical well-being.
  • Relies on artificial stimulants for an energy boost or nothing at all.
  • May cause increased jitters due to lack of L-Theanine.
  • Mass-produced and lacking in real professional endorsements.
  • High in refined sugars and artificial sweeteners.
  • Uses ingredients that sacrifice health for flavor.


Hear It from Those Who’ve Experienced the Transformation!

Skip the Cream and Sugar

“The Good Stuff has been a revelation! It’s not just about the energy boost; it’s about feeling balanced and harmonious throughout the day. Highly recommended!”

Max Rottluff, Professional Golfer

Elevate your morning ritual with our unique blend that enhances the natural benefits of your coffee: sustained energy, razor-sharp focus and a smooth, jitter-free experience. Designed for anyone serious about their health, and prioritizing progress and feeling better.

Why You'll Love The Good Stuff™

Burn fat & increase energy*

More focus with reduced jitters*

Improved recovery with reduced inflammation*

Enhanced wellness with antioxidants and electrolytes*

Nothing fake, just pure proven ingredients*

Performance-Packed Ingredients

Burn Fat and Boost Energy
with C8-MCT

A healthy fat found in coconut oil that converts into ketones which are known to enhance ketosis, boost energy, and burn fat.

Relax with L-Theanine

Transform your coffee with The Good Stuff! The L-Theanine in our blend promotes relaxation and reduces caffeine jitters, for a smoother start to your day!

Antioxidant-Rich Organic Cinnamon

Combats inflammation and high in antioxidants to help your body handle free radicals which can lower your risk of disease.

Collagen for Skin and Joints

Accounts for 30% of your body's protein. Provides structure, support, or strength to your skin, bones, muscles, and connective tissues.

Balanced Electrolytes with Himalayan Salt

Pairs perfectly with coffee to reduce the acidity and smooth out flavor. Full of minerals to improve skin and reduce muscle cramping.

Founded by Dave Phillips, a world-renowned performance coach and by golf legend Phil Mickelson. Benefit from decades of elite athletic coaching.


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The Good Stuff™ Performance

The Good Stuff™ Performance


One scoop of The Good Stuff makes any coffee taste incredible with only 25 calories:

  • You'll feel alert and energized but calm and focused
  • Tackles inflammation, improves your skin and eases aching muscles and joints
  • Used daily by top athletes like Phil Mickelson and Ian Happ
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Your questions answered

What are the benefits of The Good Stuff?
The Good Stuff will make your coffee taste great, increase energy, improve focus, reduce inflammation, boost hydration, and support your skin, joint, and muscle health.
How does The Good Stuff taste?
The Good Stuff will make your coffee taste great! The main flavor will still be coffee but with a hint of cinnamon with a dash of Himalayan salt to soften the acidity of black coffee.This means you won't need to add milk, dairy alternative, sugar, or artificial sweeteners, aka the Bad Stuff!
How do I make a coffee with The Good Stuff?
Brew your favorite coffee and then mix in a scoop or packet of The Good Stuff. It will need a little effort to mix in, but nothing worth having is ever easy!
What if I don't like coffee?
No problem! The Good Stuff is just as delicious in tea, smoothies or on your oats. Get creative or use one of our recipes here.
Where is The Good Stuff made?
The Good Stuff is made using sustainable producers of raw ingredients and is produced in an FDA-compliant facility in the USA.
Is there sugar in The Good Stuff?
Nope. If you like a little sweetness in your coffee, we recommend adding a teaspoon of Manuka honey.
Can I have too much of The Good Stuff?
We would recommend no more than two scoops of The Good Stuff over a four-hour period unless you are dealing with anxiety, as the L-theanine does promote relaxation.If you have any health concerns, we always recommend speaking to your health practitioner.
I'm highly suspicious of subscriptions... why should I subscribe?
The Good Stuff is designed to form part of your daily routine so a convenient monthly subscription is the best way to stick to your new healthy habit.Your subscription is easy to manage (skip/cancel) online; no need to contact us (but you can... we're very friendly!)