What is the Good Stuff?

What is the Good Stuff?

The Good Stuff was formulated to enhance your everyday.  We searched the world of performance to find ingredients that are as energizing as they are nutritious. The Good Stuff amplifies any beverage from coffee and tea to smoothies with added nutritional benefits.

The Good stuff: Performance

Our original blend kick starts your day.  L-Theanine works synergistically with caffeine. The combo boosts concentration and focus. Meanwhile, MCT oil and collagen boost your metabolism and help to protect your skin, bones and gut health.  In addition, Himalayan pink salt keeps you hydrated as you start the day. Finally, a hint of Ceylon cinnamon rounds out the blend and packs antioxidants that reduce inflammation.    

Phil likes to add a little something extra to his morning coffee: one teaspoon of Manuka honey, an extra dash of pink sea salt, and a dose of unsweetened almond milk for flavor.  Throw in your favorite mix of cream, milk, sugar, or flavoring to customize your morning coffee. It'll taste and feel that much better with the added benefits of The Good Stuff. 

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