Recovery Gummies™ Unpacked: Which Will Best Support Me?

Recovery Gummies™ Unpacked: Which Will Best Support Me?

In two minds about which recovery gummy to choose?

We hear ya.

Both the Recovery Gummies™ Restore and Recovery Gummies™ Hydration are equally tempting, it's not easy to decide!

In fact, here's a little secret: you can absolutely add both to your exercise routine.

In their own right, each gummy is an incredibly valuable tool for on-the-go recovery support and a delicious way to boost any workout.

That said, they perform two very distinct functions and understanding both will help you make your choice.


We've kept the ingredient list for both our gummies short and sweet, so there's no filler and nothing artificial. To be honest, with all the electrolytes and blueberry packed in there, there's very little room for anything nasty!

Both gummies start off with the same rough base, but the first element that sets them apart is the extract we use.

Blueberry vs Tart Cherry

The Recovery Gummies™ Restore use a tart cherry ingredient derived from whole US-grown Montmorency tart cherries. Studies have shown Montmorency tart cherries can benefit athletes by helping protect against post-exercise muscle strength loss and soreness, as well as aiding in muscle recovery.

VitaCherry® Sport delivers the full complement of phytonutrients from whole U.S. grown Montmorency tart cherries. These natural compounds have been shown to work synergistically to boost antioxidant power and promote healthy inflammatory responses in connection with exercise.

That's why we recommend using our tart cherry gummies if you think you're in for some post-exercise muscle soreness!

On the other hand, the Recovery Gummies™ Hydration use VitaBlue®, a blueberry extract derived from whole US-grown blueberries that's packed with the same 28 phenolic compounds, AKA antioxidants, found in those blueberries. You can learn more about the benefits of blueberries here!


While the Recovery Gummies™ Restore have plenty of potassium and sodium, their key benefit is their natural muscle support through their tart cherry content.

The Recovery Gummies™ Hydration, on the other hand, find their key functionality through a powerhouse combination of potassium, magnesium, and sodium.

Sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium are essential for physical recovery and muscle function. They help regulate fluid balance and hydration, which is crucial for muscle function and repair.

Electrolytes also facilitate the electrical signals that trigger muscle contractions, support nutrient absorption, and maintain the body's pH balance - all of which impact recovery.

Proper electrolyte levels can prevent muscle cramps and fatigue, allowing for faster recovery after exercise. Replenishing electrolytes is important for athletes and active individuals to optimize the body's recovery process and support overall muscle health. 


Both gummies contain glucose and cane sugar, with a total of 3g of sugars in the Recovery Gummies™ Hydration and 4g in the Recovery Gummies™ Restore. It's the perfect amount to boost energy without a sugar rush - and then a sugar crash.

Glucose is the primary fuel source for the body during moderate to intense exercise, as it can be quickly absorbed and converted into energy.

Consuming glucose can help restore blood sugar levels and delay the onset of fatigue when muscles start to run low on glucose.

Glucose also supports muscle recovery and repair by aiding the replenishment of glycogen stores and facilitating the absorption of other nutrients like protein.

For endurance athletes in particular, glucose is an essential fuel that can make the difference between a personal best and falling short.

Delicious Flavor

One thing we can say with absolute confidence is these gummies are irresistible.

The Recovery Gummies™ Restore are a mouthwatering hibiscus cherry flavor, while the Recovery Gummies™ Hydration taste like blueberry.

They're the ultimate reward for putting in the hard work, whether it's at the gym, on the pickleball court, or just after a big day on your feet.

Quality You Can Trust

We pride ourselves on being extremely picky about the ingredients we use in our products, and the Recovery Gummies™ are no exception.

Each gummy is:

  • All natural
  • Vegan
  • Made in the USA
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten Free

Ready to Make A Decision?

Fuel your body with nothing but the best by adding clean, delicious Recovery Gummies™ to your health routine.

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