Q&A with Dr Hanlon: Cream in Your Coffee

Q&A with Dr Hanlon: Cream in Your Coffee

We are on a mission to stop you from putting bad stuff in your coffee.

Given that most of us drink coffee every single day, it's important you're not inadvertently causing your body damage.

At For Wellness, we believe that starting your day with a healthy decision (like The Good Stuff™) will not only benefit your performance with functional ingredients, but it'll set you on a trajectory to continue making healthy decisions for the rest of your day.

Even if it's tough to make healthy decisions every time, you should at least be making informed decisions. To help you get clued in, we sat down with naturopath Dr. Siobhan Hanlon for a quick Q&A to highlight how cream affects you, and the incredible benefits of giving it up.

FW: Straight off the bat, what's the big problem with cream?

Cream is just high in fat and sugar which causes a wide range of health issues.

In general, a lot of people can't really process dairy, so it becomes very inflammatory. Dairy makes mucus and this can inhibit the absorption of nutrients.

When you're sick and you go to the doctor now, we say drink clear fluids. Really, that just means no dairy because we know things like cream can contribute to mucus and a lot of people will have stomach aches.

Why is it especially problematic to have cream in the morning?

Cream can contribute to inflammation in the gut making it harder to absorb nutrients from your food and digest food during the day. It can also cause high blood sugar which can lead to things like diabetes, weight gain, and an impaired ability to focus.

When you have all this sugar running through you, you'll eventually crash and feel lethargic.

What are some ways you can cut out cream if you're used to having it every day?

In addition to The Good Stuff™, there are so many great dairy alternatives like coconut milk, pea milk, rice milk, almond milk, so you have access to a bunch of different alternatives, which makes it really easy.

What are your tips for someone who perhaps wants to change but doesn't want to give up a food they love?

It's not easy! At some point, you have to just make that effort to reach those results. Once you do, you can expect, weight loss, improved digestion, reduced bloating. That's usually a big one.

Cream is also a major source of saturated fat, which has been linked to increased cholesterol levels and heart disease risk so eliminating cream helps reduce saturated fat consumption. You may also notice better skin and more consistent energy.

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