Make the Perfect Morning Brew with Dave Phillips

Make the Perfect Morning Brew with Dave Phillips

Ever wondered how the hardcore coffee gurus make their brew at home?

Our co-founder Dave Phillips has been drinking the stuff since before he went to high school, so it's safe to say he has his routine down pat.

To help you fine-tune your method, we’ve asked Dave to show you (and us!) how it’s done.

We should warn you, though - this article will leave you with a strong urge to spend a lot of money on some very cool coffee gadgets.

Impulse buyers, beware!

Step 1

Boil your kettle to between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 2

Use a scale to weigh out 18 grams of your Organic Arabica Whole Beans.

Step 3

Use a grinder to crush your beans. Dave likes his VSSL grinder because it’s portable, so he can have quality coffee on the go.

TIP: For a pour-over coffee like this one, Dave grinds his beans on a medium setting.

Step 4

Take out your favorite mug and add your filter.

TIP: Dave likes to wet the filter before he adds the coffee to reduce the filter flavor.

Step 5

Unscrew your coffee grinder and pour your freshly ground beans onto your filter.

TIP: Dave likes to add The Good Stuff™ to his coffee grounds so it filters through as his coffee is being made. Alternatively, you can add The Good Stuff™ to the bottom of your cup so it soaks up the coffee as it drips in.

Step 6

Return your mug to the scales and set the weight to zero. Pour roughly 80 grams of water over your coffee, allowing about 30 seconds for it to filter through. If you can see bubbles forming, that’s a great sign that oxygen is releasing from the coffee, reducing the acidity and improving the flavor.

The idea is to get all of the grounds soaked.

TIP: Dave pours his water in a circular motion to cover as much of his ground coffee as possible.

Step 7

Continue to add water in your preferred ratio. Dave uses about 340 grams of water for 18 grams of coffee.

Feel free to try a few different ratios to figure out what you like!

Step 8

Give your coffee about three minutes to filter through fully. Try not to leave it too much longer as this can affect the taste.

Step 9

Mix in The Good Stuff™ if you haven't already.

Step 10 


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