14 Recipes for the Daring Coffee Drinker

14 Recipes for the Daring Coffee Drinker

Unlike other foods, most of us generally stick to the same style of coffee day in, day out. 

Some people prefer cappuccinos, some prefer cold brew, some prefer Americanos - whichever your choice, there's generally minimal deviation from that decision. 

Of course, it's great to know what you like, but we've put together this list of alternative coffee recipes if you're feeling a little adventurous.

If you're brave enough to give any of them a go, we'd love to hear what you think! Email us at info@forwellness.com, or send us a message on Instagram.

1. Dalgona Whipped Coffee

Dalgona Coffee is a sweet take on your beloved brew that originated in Asia (exactly which country claims the coffee recipe remains up for debate!).

Dalgona Coffee needs five ingredients: instant coffee, granulated sugar, ice, dairy milk, and cold water.

Here's how to make it: mix your instant coffee grinds with a teaspoon of sugar in a medium bowl, then make your instant coffee as usual by dissolving the grinds and sugar into hot water.

Pour in your milk and use an electric frother or hand mixer to whip the liquid into foamy peaks.

Then, add ice to your glass, scoop in your mixtures, and dust with cocoa powder or cinnamon to finish.

2. Orange Coffee

Do you ever feel like your coffee roast is too dark, and you'd like a brew that tastes a little lighter? 

Add orange juice (we recommend pulp-free!), and you'll notice a more acidic taste. Start with a dash, and continue adding the OJ to taste.

3. Spiced Coffee

Every morning tastes like fall when you add a classic spice to your coffee!

Looking for a softer spice? Stick to ginger. While spicy, ginger has a warmer taste and a refreshing aroma. Ginger contains some health benefits —it can manage weight loss, reduce nausea, and even lower cholesterol.

The easiest way to add ginger to your coffee is through ginger. Start with a teaspoon, stir it in, and add your desired amount to taste.

4. Cardamom Coffee

Cardamom is thought to contain a host of antioxidants and can even improve your oral and heart health.

To incorporate more of this delicious spice into your diet, why not try cardamom coffee? It's a little more complex than your usual coffee recipe, but it's worth it.

Split roughly 3-4 dried green cardamom pods, and remove their black seeds.

TIP: You can use powdered cardamom, but we think dried pods make for a richer flavor! 

Toss the green shells, and add the black pods to your coffee grinder along with your whole-bean coffee.

Grind your beans to your desired consistency and add to your percolator or filter.

Make your coffee as usual and serve hot.

5. Dairy Alternative

Not convinced about the dairy-alternative trend?

We dare you to give it a go!

Next time you whip up a brew, try experimenting with almond, coconut, or oat milk. The milk likely won't be as frothy, but it's often a lower-calorie alternative to dairy, and some find dairy alternatives to be a more palatable flavor.

TIP: The secret to frothing almond milk is not cooking it too much. Heat a half-cup of almond milk in a saucepan over medium heat. Whisk the milk until it reaches your desired consistency.

6. Affogato

We should warn you this isn't the healthiest recipe available, but if you use a low-calorie ice cream substitute, you shouldn't throw off your diet completely...

Introducing the affogato. 

It's wonderfully simple; you only need to prepare two espresso shots of coffee, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a bowl, and pour your espresso shots on top.

The perfect coffee dessert for a summer's day.

7. Mint Coffee

Do you love mint? Have you considered adding it to your morning coffee?

Like our other recipes on this page, adding mint to your coffee can come with added benefits. For example, fresh mint can be beneficial if you have an upset stomach.

To make mint coffee, crush whole, fresh mint leaves and add them to a brewed cup of coffee. Add milk and honey if you desire. While you can drink mint coffee hot, most people prefer drinking it iced. The ice complements the cooling mint flavor, making it the perfect coffee beverage for summer.

What if you don't have mint or don't want to use it? Try using a food-grade peppermint extract (don't use peppermint essential oil). Mix one teaspoon of peppermint extract in your hot or cold coffee.

You can also add another teaspoon of vanilla extract to make it sweeter.

8. Cafe Lima

Cafe Lima takes mint coffee a step further by adding lime juice.

Start by preparing a mint coffee (while the classic Cafe Lima suggests using mint syrup, mint leaves and peppermint extract are healthier alternatives) and add a tablespoon of fresh lime juice.

For a frothier coffee, combine the brewed coffee, mint, lime, and ice cubes in a shaker and blend well.

9. Coffee Soda

Another refreshing coffee recipe is coffee soda.

We know it sounds weird - but hear us out:

Coffee soda is a great drink to make if you don't like coffee and would drink soda or energy drinks for your daily caffeine dose. Soda and energy drinks have many calories and sugar, so cutting them out is a straightforward way to improve your diet.

Coffee soda contains your caffeine hit and is much healthier than soda or energy drinks. The carbonation gives it a similar sensation to drinking soda. Plus, it's very refreshing and hydrating—perfect for a hot summer day.

To make coffee soda, combine equal parts coffee and soda water. You can also use sparkling or tonic water. You can use any coffee in a coffee soda, but most prefer cold brew or French Press coffee.

10. Red Eye Coffee

If you prefer making drip coffee but need something more substantial, red-eye coffee is your answer.

This drink is popular among those with demanding schedules and erratic schedules. 

Red-eye coffee is easy to make if you have a dual-purpose espresso machine.

Start by creating your espresso, then make a standard cup of coffee. Mix the espresso shot with your coffee, adding any milk, cream, or sweetener you desire.

11. A Healthy Take On Adam's Vanilla Dream

Are you looking for the perfect coffee mocktail? If so, you'll love our take on Adam's Vanilla Dream.

This mocktail uses apple and vanilla flavoring with a classic cup of coffee, resulting in a unique and delicious flavor. Adam's Vanilla Dream is served iced, making it perfect for a hot summer morning.

Brew your coffee and add it to a shaker. Add green apple juice, a drop of vanilla essence, and ice cubes, shaking the mixture well. Pour the mixture into a glass and serve.

12. Maple Bacon Latte

This latte is packed with protein. You can make this latte low-sugar and keto by removing the maple syrup. If you want a vegan alternative, use tempeh, tofu bacon, or your favorite plant-based bacon brand.

First, prepare your bacon or vegan alternative to package instructions or to your liking. Chop the bacon when finished.

Next, froth the milk. You can use a milk frother or the stovetop method we explained earlier. In an espresso maker, make two ounces of espresso. You can also use strong drip coffee.

Once the espresso or coffee is finished, pour the steamed milk into the coffee. Garnish the coffee with the bacon bits. Add ground cinnamon or the optional maple syrup.

13. Cafecito de Olla

Cafecito de Olla is a traditional Mexican coffee beverage. You will need some specific ingredients and a clay pot to create the most authentic variety, so we don't blame you if you don't give this recipe a try!

Start by heating six cups of water on the stove over medium-low heat. Take a half-cup of coffee grounds and pour it into the water. While the coffee is cooking, add an entire piloncillo to the saucepan. Cook until the piloncillo melts. Add two whole star anise pods, two cinnamon sticks, and cloves.

Cover the saucepan and let the coffee cook for 10 minutes. Strain the coffee and serve in an earthen clay pot.

14. Try a Healthy Creamer 

Last but not least, one of the best coffee recipes to try is adding one of our health creamer alternatives!

The Good Stuff™ contains collagen, MCT oil, l-theanine, and Himalayan pink salt. Together they form a delicious alternative to creamer that helps combat inflammation, boosts energy, and supports skin health.

If you'd like extra focus in your day, add The Good Stuff™ FOCUS to your coffee recipe. It's got the same ingredients as The Good Stuff™, plus a cocoa extract that supports mood, cognitive function, and memory. 

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