How to Brew Coffee to Maintain Health Benefits

How to Brew Coffee to Maintain Health Benefits

If coffee is the foundation for wellness — a belief For Wellness places at the core of everything we do — then it’s important to make sure you’re getting the highest benefit from each cup you brew. If you want to maximize your coffee’s health value like Phil Mickelson does every day, here are some brewing tips you should keep in mind.

  1. Know Your Brewing Temperature

    Whole bean coffee is at its best when brewed between 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit, just under the boiling point. This temperature range (just below water’s natural boiling point) will give you optimal extraction for your coffee, ensuring you get the highest quality cup from both a flavor and health perspective.

  2. Adjust Your Brewing Time

    If you are using a drip system to make your coffee, you should keep your contact time — the amount of time in which water is directly in contact with your coffee grounds, to about five minutes. However, as the National Coffee Association of America explains, different systems of coffee making require vastly different brew times. French Presses only need 2-4 minutes of contact time, while espressos require just 30 seconds. On the other end of the spectrum, cold brews can take 12 hours of overnight steeping for optimal extraction.

    If you’re using a Keurig machine or similar device for your coffee, be sure to follow the instructions they provided to get the most out of your brewing pods.

  3. Drink Lighter Roasts for Maximum Effect

    There is a long-standing myth within the coffee community that darker roasts contain more caffeine than lighter roasts, but as Harvard’s nutrition report on coffee points out, this is not the case. In fact, lighter roasts actually have a slightly higher concentration of caffeine. If you’re trying to maximize the health benefits of your daily coffee routine, consider following Phil Mickelson’s and Dave Phillips’ lead and enjoying a medium roast instead.

  4. Don’t Re-Use Coffee Grinds

    Experts agree: coffee grinds should never be used more than once. Doing so will not only reduce coffee’s natural benefits since it has already been extracted once, but it will also likely result in a very bitter taste. Re-using coffee grinds may seem efficient, but you’re only hurting yourself in the long run. Be sure you’re cleaning your coffee equipment properly between each cup to avoid this concern!

We hope these tips can help you take advantage of the many health benefits coffee has to offer.

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