5 Simple Ways to Get More Fruit and Vegetables Into Your Routine

5 Simple Ways to Get More Fruit and Vegetables Into Your Routine

We've all been there... the doctor is on your back about your diet, telling you to eat more fruit and vegetables. Boring! But you know what, the doc is right! You probably should eat more plants, but it doesn't need to be boring or difficult. Let's make this fun!

Fruits and vegetables are incredibly important in our diets for so many reasons. They provide us with essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, and are our main source of fiber. Fiber is incredibly important in maintaining good gut health and reducing the risk of certain lifestyle diseases.

It all sounds well and good, but how do we sneak these goodies into our daily life, and easily? Here are a few simple ways you can add some extra fruits and vegetables into your daily diet:

  1. Make a breakfast smoothie!

    You can load these up with so many great fruits and vegetables, and still make it taste amazing. Adding things like spinach, kale, and even cauliflower (yes, I said cauliflower), into your favorite fruit smoothie along with The Good Stuff increases the number of servings of vegetables in your day, it does not require any prep time, and they make your smoothie even more creamy and delicious!

  2. Add more herbs and vegetables to a homemade pasta sauce.

    The opportunities are endless. Your favorite herbs, carrots, tomatoes, zucchini, onion, you name it! It all works and it is a great hidden addition to your pasta dish if you are someone who is not overly excited about eating plants.

  3. Swap an afternoon snack or dessert after dinner with a fruit salad.

    You can collect all your favorite fruits at the beginning of the week and chop them up to make a big fruit salad that you can take from each day. Preparation is always a huge key to success, especially when it comes to creating healthy habits. If you love your sweet snacks, then a serve of fruit along with your Superfood Energy Bite ticks all the boxes.

  4. If you're into eggs, then omelets and quiches are a great way to include lots of vegetables into your day.

    Grated zucchini, tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, and kale - are all great and tasty additions, and if you're eating out in a restaurant or cafe, it's always such an easy extra to ask the chef to include. 

  5. Be creative!

    You don't have to eat the same plain steamed vegetable every night for dinner (unless you love it of course!), mix things up so you get to try new things, and see how many colors you can get on your plate throughout the day!

Remember, changing just one thing, or adding something new each week is a great step in the right direction. It's about creating a sustainable lifestyle change that you enjoy and helps you, not one that burdens you. If you know you struggle in this area, then try implementing some of these simple ideas, and see what works for you. You never know, you might discover things you never knew you enjoyed!

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