How to Stick to Your Health and Wellness Goals this Holiday Season

How to Stick to Your Health and Wellness Goals this Holiday Season

Want to stick to your health and wellness goals this holiday season?

While work parties, end of year concerts and a longer-than-ever to-do list can make it difficult to stick to a schedule, avoid writing off your entire wellness plan. The simplest way to do this is through conscious compromises between your regular routine and holiday schedule.

Below, we've compiled our top tips for making the most of the festive season, without compromising your wellbeing.

1. Doing something is better than doing nothing

 Try to ensure you spend some time moving each day, whether that’s going to the gym for 30 minutes instead of 60 minutes, or swapping your sit down lunch for take out and a walk around the block.

2. Be mindful of your alcohol intake

It is the festive season, but not every party has to feature champagne and wine. Try limiting your alcohol intake, or taking some time off entirely. Even a moderate amount of alcohol can undermine your sleep, energy levels and metabolism.

3. Nourish your body

This may look like choosing more nutritious foods at your work party or adding supplements to your morning meal. The Good Stuff can promote energy and focus while reducing inflammation. Plus, it’s super easy to add to your daily routine, making it an easy habit to stick to.

4. Prepare for tomorrow the night before

Feel like you’re racing out the door every morning then chasing your tail for the rest of the day? Spend 20 minutes each night organizing the next day down to the last detail, to ensure you're set up for a healthy and productive day. For example, fill up your drink bottle, put your snacks in your bag and put your keys and wallet next to the front door. Some of our For Wellness team members even lay out their coffee mug, mixer and travel pack of The Good Stuff, ready to go! 

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