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The Good Stuff™ 5 Serving Trial Pack

The Good Stuff™ 5 Serving Trial Pack

For Wellness

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This is your chance to see why thousands of people love The Good Stuff™ in their coffee.

We've got five individual servings in a nifty Trial Pack so you can enjoy all the healthy benefits by adding to your daily coffee.

The Good Stuff™ is what Phil and Dave add to their coffee to supercharge the natural benefits of coffee, promote focus, and recover faster

We call it The Good Stuff™ because it makes your coffee taste delicious without needing to add any of the bad stuff, like sugar or dairy creamers.

The ingredients were carefully formulated over the past ten years and helped Phil improve his health to the point where he was not only able to perform at the top level of golf, but to win his sixth major tournament and become the oldest player ever to win a major in May 2021 at the PGA Championship.


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