The Good Stuff, 30 Travel Packs + Whole Bean Dark Roast Coffee, 2 Bags

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FREE 30oz Tumbler when you subscribe to a monthly delivery of coffee and The Good Stuff.

This monthly bundle contains:
The Good Stuff, 30 Travel Packs
Whole Bean Coffee Dark Roast, 2 x 12oz Bags

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Everything you need to perform each day

This auto-renewing monthly subscription has your Good Stuff and Coffee covered with 30 Travel Packs of The Good Stuff and 2 x 12oz whole bean dark roast coffee bags.

Coffee Flavor profile

This coffee captures sweet flavors of maple syrup and blackberry jam. Its orange acidity and full rounded body combine to give you a well-balanced cup of coffee.

This 12oz bag will grind the into around 22 cups of coffee and you get two bags for a one month supply.

The Good Stuff – Performance Blend

The Good Stuff is what Phil Mickelson and Dave Phillips add to their coffee to help them take accountability for their health.

We call it the Good Stuff because it makes your coffee taste delicious without containing any of the bad stuff, like sugar or dairy creamers.

The ingredients were carefully formulated over the past ten years and helped Phil improve his health to the point where he was not only able to perform at the top level of golf, but to win his sixth major tournament and become the oldest player ever to win a major in May 2021 at the PGA Championship.

Phil adds The Good Stuff to his coffee with a teaspoon of Manuka honey, an extra dash of pink sea salt, and a dose of unsweetened almond milk for flavor.

Equally effective in teas, smoothies, shakes or even on your oats!


MCT Powder


MCT Powder delivers collagen peptides that protect your skin and bones while boosting your metabolism helping you burn fat.



L-Theanine promotes focus, the powerful amino acid derived from green tea extract boosts calming brain chemicals that promote relaxation and reduces stress.



Collagen peptides help protect your skin, bones, gut and hair, all while supporting joint mobility and reducing inflammation.

Ceylon cinnamon wellness


Ceylon cinnamon is loaded with antioxidants that can help to reduce inflammation and support joint health.

Himalayan pink salt wellness


Himalayan pink salt reduces coffee’s natural acidity and by aiding in the maintenance of the proper balance of fluid in your body, it helps you stay hydrated.