our story

Whether you are making your triumphant comeback to the intramural league, running the kids back and forth to practice or simply focused on improving your overall health, there are two universal truths. Consistent effort pays off, and it’s never too late to change you daily routine. We believe this wholeheartedly, which is why we put all of our expertise and experience into For Wellness.

In 2018, Phil spent ten days in Hawaii, laser-focused on elevating his health – both body and mind. In collaboration with Dave, his longtime friend and coach, they set out to craft a daily wellness product that was both functional and flavorful. Soon, Phil felt more focused, more energized and generally more full of life .  In the years that followed, Phil and Dave methodically fine-tuned the recipe. There was no compromising. They researched and combined natural ingredients, including superfoods and nootropics, that are scientifically proven to improve focus, recovery, and longevity in measurable ways.

The result is The Good Stuff, a powerhouse powdered supplement perfect for enhancing coffee, smoothies, shakes, and more. The For Wellness legacy continues to expand into new functional benefits and will soon include some of the most satisfying snacks and available to anyone on-the-move and looking to improve. No hassle. Just health.

We aren’t born our best. We incrementally improve each day with the consistent hours we dedicate to our chosen tasks while making mindful choices along the way. This is the path to wellness.