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We believe food is medicine

Our co-founder, Dave Phillips, works with some of the world's top athletes as a performance coach.

Through that work we have discovered simple and delicious ways for you to get high-quality, functional ingredients into your body as part of your daily routine.

He helped his friend and legendary golfer, Phil Mickelson, with his psoriatic arthritis by creating a coffee additive that reduced inflammation and made his coffee taste great, which is how The Good Stuff™ was born.

Next, we set out to satisfy that between-meal craving that often leads to a low-quality snack… our Superfood Focus Bites are 22g and 90 calories of powerful whole foods.

Then we launched our Recovery Gummies™ to help you get powerful tart cherry concentrate into your body to reduce muscle soreness packed into a delicious gummy.

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Dave Phillips, Co-Founder

Dave Phillips is a world-renowned performance coach and the co-founder of TPI, the gold standard in performance and fitness in the golf industry. 

A visionary thinker with a passion for teaching and longevity. Dave grew up in East Africa, where he developed his other passion… coffee.

Dave coaches 2023 Masters Champion, Jon Rahm, frequently appears on the Golf Channel and is a sought-after public speaker.

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